Commissions of trust and
major industry functions

University of Agder (UiA)


Faculty of Engineering and Sciences, Department of Information and Communication Technologies

Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet)

Professor 2,

Faculty of Technology, Art and Design, Department of Information and Communication Technologies

Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR)

Deputy director

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR) is hosted by the Department of ICT at the University of Agder. CAIR opened in 2017 and conducts fundamental artificial intelligence research. Our mission is to attack unsolved problems and push the research frontier, seeking superintelligence. CAIR aims to provide an attractive environment for cutting-edge research. We think groundbreaking results and practical benefits at the same time. Our research shall break down barriers and drive innovation, for the greater good.


Co-founder, CTO 

AIVEO offers expertise in artificial intelligence and is driven by the purpose of developing our own solutions and value creation through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our founders consist of a highly educated and qualified team having extensive experience in their field. AIVEO focuses particularly on AgeTech, developing friendly technology for the elderly. We also provide development services and value creation through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for all industries on demand.


Chief Scientist 

AI:hub aims at giving local industry a boost, developing competency, assisting innovation, creating jobs, and ultimately sustaining the local economy.Around the world, AI has become more utilized, much because it is a versatile tool. But the question is, how can a business gain access to AI? More importantly, how can a business gain access to AI that suits their needs? This is one of the issues AI:hub strives to solve. Central to achieving this are networking activities, including national and international collaboration, attracting AI-talents, and strengthening our capacity to attract funding.



NOBIM is a professional forum for image processing and machine learning. NOBIM covers all topics in image processing and machine learning and creates a meeting place between those who develop scientific methods and those who are looking for solutions for specific problems.


Deputy chairman,

Digin is one of the largest Norwegian ICT clusters, with more than 95 small and medium sized ICT companies located in Southern Norway.

Neddy AS

Board member

With Neddys intuitive planner, the school finally gets effective work tools that also provide a full overview. This is regardless of whether it is planned for shorter or longer periods, regardless of whether one or more teachers are involved.

Visit Sørlandet

Board member

Visit Sørlnadet is the travel industry cluster in Southern Norway



Personvernnemnda processes and decides complaints about the Data Protection Authority's (Datatilsynest's) decision, cf. Personal Data Act (personopplysningsloven) § 22 second paragraph. Personvernnemnda can examine all aspects of the cases that are taken up for consideration, including the Data Protection Authority's exercise of discretion. Personvernnemnda has seven members with personal deputies. The members and deputies are appointed by the King in the Council for four years

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